This serene photograph beautifully captures the calm Class II waters of the Colorado River. The surroundings unfold with a perfect view of canyon walls and lush vegetation embracing the river, creating a tranquil and picturesque scene. The radiant sun takes center stage, adding warmth and radiance to the peaceful waterscape.


Rafting is an activity that can take on a conflicting mixture of descriptive words or phases: Action packed vs. mild. Heart pounding vs. relaxing.  Thunderous rapids vs. beautiful silence.  Class IV vs. flat water.  Each descriptive word or phrase is 100% accurate and true to the sport, as it can take on a chameleon-like appearance, changing and conforming to its surrounding environment.  Tightening canyon walls or significant elevation drops can cause thrilling rapids and fast moving water while a consistent elevation grade or a wider channel allows for the water to slow and move at a meandering pace. At times, these changes can take place in a rather sudden and very short distance.

For our partners, Blue Sky Rafting and Glenwood Canyon Rafting, and the river sections that they operate, this diversity provides a wonderful diversification of trip offerings. Anchored primarily by the Colorado River and the breathtaking 1200 foot canyon walls of the Glenwood Canyon, Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op is sure you will not be disappointed by the backdrop.  And, with nearly 50 years of perfecting each individual adventure, we are also confident that you will find a river trip that fits perfectly into your weekend plans, your family reunion gathering, or your thrill seeking vacation! 

We look forward to the opportunity to show you our backyard while providing an unforgettable rafting adventure on the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers!

Take a look below and read more about our most popular rafting adventures.

A photo of a raft going through rapids on a Half Day Rafting Adventure. The boat is full of people and they all look excited.


Let’s start with a mix of excitement and a calming river float, that is how we would describe our Half Day Adventure. In the beginning, our guide will take you through the Shoshone Rapids where you have a great chance of being soaked and getting that adrenaline pumping all at the same time. After the excitement, you will have the first opportunity to be in awe of the Glenwood Canyon’s beauty. As you continue downriver, you will encounter calmer waters with a few rapids trickled here and there until you reach the West Glenwood Springs take-out.  The trip is amazing for all experience levels and ages (water dependent), a perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon!

In this photo, a young child and her mother hold hands and greet a boat of rafters at Grizzly Creek beach.


Our Mild and Scenic Adventure will feature a calmer, guided float down the Colorado River if you are not interested in the rapids. The trip will start in the Glenwood Canyon at the Grizzly Creek Rest Area and continue downriver until you reach West Glenwood Springs, the same end point for our other trips. Throughout the float, you will have the opportunity to see the differing landscape and chance to quiz our guides about how to best experience Glenwood Springs. We would suggest this is an ideal trip for families with children younger than 8 years old or those not wanting to go through the rapids.

In this captivating image, three individuals, guided by their expert leader, skillfully navigate a Mini Max through the exhilarating Class III waters. As they paddle around a prominent rock situated in the midst of the scene, the photo encapsulates the thrill and teamwork involved in conquering challenging river rapids.


For those true adventure junkies and don’t mind putting a little elbow grease into your trip, the Raft and Kayak Adventure is PERFECT! Similar to both the Half Day Adventure and the Mild and Scenic Adventure, you have the chance to experience the river in a whole new light. The trip will start with your group going through the Shoshone Rapids in a raft, allowing the adrenaline to start flowing as you prepare for the next leg of the trip. After the rapids, your guide will pull off at the Grizzly Creek Area where you will ditch the raft for your choose of single or double inflatable kayak or duckie. For the remainder of the trip, you will follow your guide the rest of the way in your duckies until you reach the West Glenwood Springs take-out.

All trips provide direct transportation from the HLA Co-op Basecamp to and from the Colorado River. Trips have age and weight minimums and may vary depending on daily water levels. If you would like more information about current conditions do not hesitate to reach out to our reservations team. Photos of your trip will also be available to view and purchase at the conclusion of your trip.

Take the opportunity to explore our rivers, canyons, and open valley floors from an ever-changing vantage point, as rafting in Glenwood Springs is an experience worthy of anyones bucket list.



or $599 / Private Boat Half Day Rafting Adventure $67.99 - $73.99 Hanging Lake Hiking Permits $10.00 - $12.00 Rad Mission E-Bike Rentals $19.99 HOUR | $59.99 DAY Colorado Overlander Rental & Packages $199 - $399 DAY Glenwood Hot Springs Pool $30.00 - $50.00 Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park $74.00 - $84.00 or $599 / Private Boat Mild & Scenic Half Day Rafting Trip $67.99 - $73.99 E-Bike Rental & Shuttle $59.99 An image of a boat of rafters and their guide paddling through whitewater rapids on the Colorado River. In this image, a vibrant red Rad Mission E-bike from Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op and Glenwood Canyon Bikes. In this striking image, a Colorado Overlander truck is showcased atop a mountain with its rooftop tents open, providing a breathtaking vantage point overlooking a dramatic desert scene. This photo captures the serene charm of Glenwood Hot Springs pool as seen from the pedestrian bridge in Glenwood Springs during the evening. This photo captures the thrilling experience of a theme-park ride atop Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, perched on the mountain's edge, offering a view of the charming town of Glenwood Springs. An image of a boat of rafters on the Colorado River with the beautiful green trees of Glenwood Canyon in the background. Captured in this image is Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, where vibrant colors dominate the scene with brilliant shades of green. In this image, a girl flashes a bright smile as she zips along on a vibrant red Mission e-bike.

3 Most Popular River Rafting Adventures Hanging Lake Permits & Info About Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op E-Bike FAQ’s & Information Colorado Overlander – Explore the West World Famous Glenwood Hot Springs Pool Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park Rafting FAQ’s & Information Captured from above, this aerial photo showcases the Colorado Overlander's Land Cruiser confidently navigating a vibrant red dirt road. Surrounded by piñon trees, the dust clouds billow up from behind the tires, accentuating the adventurous spirit of the journey. The dynamic scene captures the essence of off-road exploration and the rugged beauty of the terrain beneath the Land Cruiser's wheels. This photo captures the serene charm of Glenwood Hot Springs pool as seen from the pedestrian bridge in Glenwood Springs during the evening. Embark on a thrilling journey through this photo capturing the excitement of a theme-park ride atop Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. This serene photo captures a boat gracefully floating on the calm Class II waters of the river. This captivating image showcases the excitement of a raft navigating through the exhilarating Shoshone Rapids. Immersed in the serene ambiance of the Hanging Lake Trail, two hikers move past the Hanging Lake sign, ascending the dirt trail. This computer generated Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op logo is white with a green background. There is no wording, only the mountains icon. In this image, a girl flashes a bright smile as she zips along on a vibrant red Mission e-bike.
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